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Peak Summer, Fall and Winter Planning

While the 4th of July was a huge holiday for most, my big one was the longest day of the year last month. And while most people considered it the start of summer, I can already feel the days getting shorter as we slowly move towards fall and winter. Of course any labeling of weather [...]

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More than N-P-Ks/Oral Soil Testing/Farm Pics

I'm throwing down some thoughts on the subject of nutrition. I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, soil scientist, or chemist. While I am always happy to educate consumers about the nutritional properties of produce and how they are healthy, a lot of what is said comes with an asterisk because I don't have an extensive plant [...]

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May Moments

After an unusually warm and dry late winter we had a cool, foggy, and windy spring without any heatwaves. In the past several seasons I've been here, there have always been little episodes of summer-like heat as early as March, but we haven't had anything of the sort. The el nino pattern has been strengthening [...]

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Favorite Tools and Farm Shots

Whats happening at the farm? I'm grateful for the shot of rain we got last week and what it did for the farm. A 1" rain for a 3/4 acre space translates to over 20,000 gallons of water! Both greens and flowers are growing quickly, so there will be new and exciting offerings to see [...]

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Captain Faaarrrrmer

Last weekend we got hit with two winter storms, and so in preparation it was time to put the ol parrot on the shoulder and batten down the farm-ship. With a little help from my friends, we put in two more greenhouses. These storms were supposed to bring up to 10" of rain combined so [...]

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Early Spring Pre-Abundance

Its been a while since I've been at market because I'm working really hard on planting and farm projects, but the extra day of field work is making a big difference. Here is a play by play superbowl recap of the weather over the past few months and how it has affected production: 1. plantings [...]

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Crazy Rains and Yacon Harvest

The rains were very late this year. After the dry season, I wait for the first rains of fall to soak the ground, which allow me to fork, hoe, and plant it for winter. Because of the drought and water uncertainty, I've tried to keep irrigation to a minimum and so about half of the [...]

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