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More than N-P-Ks/Oral Soil Testing/Farm Pics

I'm throwing down some thoughts on the subject of nutrition. I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, soil scientist, or chemist. While I am always happy to educate consumers about the nutritional properties of produce and how they are healthy, a lot of what is said comes with an asterisk because I don't have an extensive plant [...]

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Early Spring Pre-Abundance

Its been a while since I've been at market because I'm working really hard on planting and farm projects, but the extra day of field work is making a big difference. Here is a play by play superbowl recap of the weather over the past few months and how it has affected production: 1. plantings [...]

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Final Prodcts and Some Performers from the Ground Circus

Leek grass and cilantro with the cooling succulence of the ice plant Miniature Japanese variety Mini-butterhead hearts (it takes a butter head to grow one), purple orach, chickweed, tiny tatsoi Arugula and exciting new comer to the greens lineup, wrinkle crinkle cress Used to make closely [...]

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Using Sunflower Greens for Smoothies

Earth-Grown Sunflower Greens harvested the night before market. These greens are a great value because of their short stems. The good stuff is in the cotyledon and we sacrifice a lot of yield by trimming the stems in order to have a more concentrated product. Beet Generation Cucumbers, Twin Peaks Amagaki Persimon, [...]

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