Favorite Tools and Farm Shots

Favorite Tools and Farm Shots

Whats happening at the farm? I’m grateful for the shot of rain we got last week and what it did for the farm. A 1″ rain for a 3/4 acre space translates to over 20,000 gallons of water! Both greens and flowers are growing quickly, so there will be new and exciting offerings to see at market. I miss everyone at market- due to the high harvest volume, from Friday through Sunday I have been getting about a handful of hours of sleep, so have been resting during the markets.










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I'm from Eastern Long Island, NY. Although in retrospect I have always been a farmer, certain events helped me realize this. When I started teaching high school biology in Brooklyn, i was given a classroom with a defunct greenhouse because none of the other teachers wanted it and I was lowest in seniority. I started rehabilitating it and then it was just a matter of time before I starting getting to work as soon as the school was unlocked to be able to spend time with my plants. I shared this love and excitement with my students. After working on an Organic Farm in Pennsylvania I knew farming was for me. I can pinpoint the moment to when I was barefoot planting fava beans. After this experience I knew I wanted my own buisiness/operation. I WWOOFed on the west coast from Washington down to New Mexico and chose Sonoma County as my home. I started with one customer and without any finances then developed my own practices as my farming slowly evolved into what it is today all along the common thread of full intimacy with the soil using just hands and hand tools. Thank you for reading!